Saturday, September 22, 2007

So I've been thinking, how could one best instill martial arts lessons into today's generation. One idea, is a theme park. A theme park? Yes a theme park.

For instance, take ninja warrior program, now image a big obstacle course. I mean the obstacles would have to be "dummed down" so no one got hurt and such. But alot of people like obstacle courses.

Or image a big maze with where people their could be projectors on the wall. Then without notice, an image of someone attacking you came on the wall. People would have to do the maze under a certain time limit.

Or image a remake of the shaolin temple. In a tourist town people might want to come and see it. Most might not make it too the "real" temple anyway.



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Blogger Martial Arts Mom said...

Hey, did you ever see the movie "Overboard" with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn? His dream was to make a putt-putt course based on the seven wonders of the world. Why not an M.A. theme park? Good idea! I'd go!

4:54 PM  

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